Sustainability being the name of the day for green activists across the globe, it is imperative that most industries will move that way. To facilitate a smooth transition for both individuals as well as businesses, the new platform - builds an efficient as well as an ergonomic bridge.
Aalsmeer, Netherlands, July 22, 2009: As on the launch date, today, some green activists and concerned individuals and businesses already know about While many of its offers will be available through a free membership, it would be highly justified to define it as a sustainability site whose sole aim is to put together a collective effort to conserve nature and prevent further global warming due to human cause. With many new features and easy to use tools, Climatarians want to be a leader in its niche thru innovation. The website uses a host of web 2.0 tools and aims to bring consumers and green businesses together, at the same time putting together a all-in-one knowledgebase through its sustainability directory that can create a lot of business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) interactivity.
The registration with is free and so are most of its features. Other features of Climatarians also include user blogs, wiki and a forum where members can exchange green ideas without any inhibitions. For businesses, Climatarians offer a lot of benefits through its directory listing and they can also use Climatarians to post informative articles and press releases. Climatarians features a fully functional sustainability job board, using which businesses can find the right people. The sustainability event board access gives businesses the option to announce their events to a global audience to address and market their green products.
The fallouts of global warming are looming large and more and more people are becoming aware of it by the day. Climatarians aims to offer a host of information and solutions that an individual should opt for to stop mankind from extinction. Climatarians facilitates exchange of views and ideas on the subject by bringing together and organizing like-minded people. This platform also helps individuals to find companies that manufacture green products and also helps them to keep abreast of news in the green niche with respect to their country, city or neighborhood.
At launch, has a great future blueprint. Founder Mr. Joost Hoogstarte says that the immediate plans are to make Climatarians a multilingual platform and drive its growth to become the largest available sustainability directory.
Mr. Joost Hoogstrate is a 34 year old entrepreneur with experience in the IT and online marketing industry. He lives with Annette in the Netherlands and his vision is to push global demand for sustainable goods and services and help sustainable companies expand their customer base.
To explain, a sustainability company to grow would need more consumers who are aware of green products. The business would also need to upgrade to greener procedures and market the products to such people. bridges the growth gap for a sustainability company by offering a ready database of green consumers. Vice-versa, Climatarians offer a business directory for consumers and business to choose and buy their products and services from.
The beginning has been truly visionary and amazing and with such a great win-win ideology, Climatarians is geared to change gears with amazing speed. Get onto the bandwagon, you can begin by downloading the free e-book “What you can do” from