There are a lot of cloud data storage services on the Internet. For comparison, I chose only the most popular. Behind the scenes were interesting startups, which also someone, perhaps, will pay attention. But most of us don’t have confidence that one day something in Google’s data center will not break down thoroughly, and all our data will not be lost. And even more so we do not have 100% guarantees that some Sugar Sync will not sink into oblivion. Therefore, if there is a desire not to play around, but to use the cloud “for business”, Managed Network Security Services experts would advise registering with one of the popular services. After the appearance of the Google Disk in the arena, they are especially moving now and will develop faster than before, trying to break away, because the potential of the new opponent is not comic.
But will it be Google that will win a significant share? Experts from managed network services and Outsourced IT Services Birmingham think that, for the service to become truly successful, developers should conceptually stay somewhere between Dropbox and iCloud. On the one hand, I want to have access to my files from any device, but on the other hand, deep integration with the operating system (backup of applications, settings, etc.) is also great.
There is no iCloud column in the table, since the service is almost entirely tied to Apple devices and serves rather for backup settings than for real storage of heterogeneous data, and it will not be possible to fully use it from other gadgets. But to say a few words about it is still worth it. He, like all the above cloud storage, provides the ability to hold data on an external server, but it’s not easy to upload any content there — it’s just Apple’s permission. Apple Park (Cupertino) will allow you to upload photos, mail, contact information, calendar data, browser bookmarks, documents from the corresponding office package to the server and everything seems to be … Not a lot, you can’t upload a PSD, an archive too, and you can’t share it with the whole world. But this closeness can play the user on hand.
Dropbox has been around for a long time and does its job very well. I would say that now this service dictates fashion, and all the others so far have it on occasion.
DB-clients are for all platforms without exception, including desktop Linux and mobile OS Windows Phone 7. That is, starting to use the services of Dropbox, you will almost certainly not have to refuse from it later because of the transition to a new “axis” or gadget.
In addition, Dropbox is also lured by the fact that it offers a completely free volume of up to 16 GB, inviting new users through a special link. In addition, all those who download a couple of files from the mobile to the server will receive another 3 GB for free.
About Google Drive dreamed, probably, all who have Gmail? Someone even installed special software that used mail disk space, but those days are long gone, and here we are, finally, the official Google Drive! This time the company decided not to produce another service, but simply add functionality to the already existing Docs and change the name. Typing in the line, the user essentially gets on the good old, where for some time you could throw any files. However, the rebranding happened not only for the sake of rebranding. I will note the qualitative changes: the amount of free available space for a single user increased to 5 GB, and there were customers to work with the service.
For Mac and PC, these are utilities that create a special partition on the hard drive that synchronizes all files with the server who fall into it. Everything that has flown to the server is automatically downloaded to the other computers of the user. But the Android application automatically drains content from the cloud is not trained, because free space on mobile devices is not as large as we would like. So you need to download and download everything from the server with handles – specifically those files that are needed. If you have more questions about this issue don’t hesitate to contact with Managed Network.