April 11, 2010 -- In recent online news that is almost assured to catch the attention of all people who are interested in self-help/improving their state of beauty, CNV Global LLC, has created and released to the public a completely new e-commerce website called Scents Obsession (at
http://www.scentsobsession.com), which involves an extensive range of
aromatherapy candles and organic beauty products that will certainly please all aromatherapy users.

This new website, Scents Obsession, has released and displayed a
specifically significant selection of the most useful and beneficial natural body candles and beauty care. Some examples include; Scandle Body Candles,Tropical Volcanic Earth beauty care, and Jetaime Massage Candles.

CNV Global LLC founder and owner Valerie Yohan, honestly claim that with her â€Ëœcareful selection of productsâ€â„¢, the webstore offer only products that
contain 100% natural ingredients, artificial ingredients are unacceptable.
Their body candles always melt quickly at only two degrees warmer than the
human body temperature, which makes a soothing, warm oil that can be used as a massage oil, or as a smooth body lotion. Along with that, the scents that these aromatherapy products give off will get anyone to that ultimate state of relaxation.

One product alone has completely altered a substance that is normally
destructive and dangerous for the human body. This product is the Volcanic
Earth product, which uses the power of volcanic ash and pumice to provide an organic range of natural skin care products. Over 54% of the Volcanic Earth products sales in 2008 are coming through an ever-growing list of buyers from all over the world. The most bizarre fact about all of this, is that unlike most of the other products that are claimed to be all-natural and organic, the whole lot of products that this website has to offer are all lacking those artificial preservatives and unnatural/harmful chemicals. With that said, all of these products are also manufactured in one of the most biological-friendly country in the entire world, possibly the most bio-friendly of all as Vanuatu is rated #1 on the Happy Planet Index. Most significantly though, despite the fact that their products are all exotic and luxurious, they are specifically designed to treat countless common skin conditions that have been recognized all over the world.

Outrageously, the healing properties of Tamanu Oil have always been used
with care by the native Melanesians and the native Polynesians. They
describe the fantastic oil as a sacred gift, given by nature and sometimes
it is actually referred to as â€ËœThe Sacred Oil of Tamanuâ€â„¢ or â€ËœGreed Goldâ€â„¢. It is hard to say as to why this product has only recently been released on a larger scale due to its amazing affects on certain skin conditions that pose a problem for many people in the world. Honestly, the actual healing power of this traditionally used tropical oil is its unusual ability to induce the formation of new tissue, therefore speeding-up the healing of wounds and overall growth of healthy skin. This is known as â€Ëœanti-agingâ€â„¢ and the actual process is typically called â€Å“Cicatrization”. The oil is also known to have anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antioxidant, and anti-neuralgic properties, which is especially extraordinary and rare. Overall, there are many uses for this product, such range from improving the appearance of acne scars, stretch marks, and general scarring all the way to aiding burns, Psoriasis, Eczema, Athletes Foot, ulcers, skin grafts, Diabetic sores, Herpes sores, Vaginitis, the removal of age spots and so many more. Pure Tamanu Oil can be found within the Volcanic Earthâ€â„¢s Tropical First Aid, which ranges in various sizes, as well as the extremely popular Tamanu Butter and many other Tamanu oil-based products.

In recent years, the popularity of products that include all natural
products has increased drastically. As the consumers of these products
become more aware of the dangers of certain chemicals and other artificial
and unnatural ingredients, that popularity of all natural products steadily increases. The demand for the organic products is high, although the supply is scarce, at least compared to the supply of products that do not use all natural and organic ingredients. Although there are a plentiful amount of products available, searching for them can be confusing, and finding them can prove to be difficult, which is why the Scents Obsession online store is so useful.

The idea of having only the highest of quality natural and organic products from the most trusted manufactures all in one location, is simply amazing, and it is more than an idea now that the Scents Obsession website has been released. Every product that is displayed on the market place on Scents Obsession contains all natural ingredients guaranteed, which allows people to easily choose which products they purchase and use due to the fact that all of the products are healthy and there is no need to do background checks on each product that may be suitable for the particular consumer.

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