Echuca, Australia — Colmar & Sons announced that the company has relocated to the Echuca/Moama area, offering restoration, repair, fire rated wall systems and free quotes for domestic and commercial projects.

The company’s repositioning provides property owners with the service of a firm with 35 years of experience in plastering and rendering for an extensive array of surfaces, along with pre-cast concrete panels. Colmar & Sons provides surfacing and repairs to new construction and existing rendered surfaces that provide strength, durability and beauty.

The company specializes in sand and cement solid plastering, coloured textured finishes, polystyrene cladding, rough cast application, and hard plaster. The professionals are also experts in providing acrylic rendering on a wide variety of surfaces that includes brick work and cement blocks, Hebel panels, polystyrene, and blueboard for clean and contemporary facades in residential, commercial and high-rise projects.

From interior walls and exterior surfaces to fences and sound barriers, property owners can take advantage of the company’s expertise for creating unique and innovative surfacing. Colmar & Sons is experienced with beautifying applications on Hebel materials, the top choice of architects and builders in bushfire zones.

The rendering services offered by the company provide property owners with a cost effective method of adding instant value to property, modernizing existing dwellings, and creating attractive facades for new construction projects. The company’s artisans work extensively with cement oxide finishes to create coloured concrete for use in multiple applications.

Feature walls that create focal points within homes, lightweight and fire rated wall systems are all available, allowing clients to demonstrate their unique sense of style. Rendering presents a range of complex conditions that are addressed efficiently and effectively with the many options the company offers.

Property owners can choose from solid, textured and coloured decorative styles that are appropriate in multiple environments. The scope of possibilities can be utilized to repair or restore flagging facades and maintain the look of local architectural styles for modern or historic design elements.

The relocation of Colmar & Sons provides residential, commercial and architectural design agencies in the Echuca and Moama area with the expertise, quality and craftsmanship that comes with 35 years of experience within the industry. The firm provides plastering, casting and rendering for renovations, repairs and remodels, updates, and new construction projects to enhance the look of any structure. Free quotes are available.

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