Commercial Cleaning Service in London cares for the environment

If time proves anything, it is only a business who has proven themselves over many years will last. This is the case with Deep Kleen. A commercial business cleaning service in London since 1983, they are constantly expanding and improving on their services across the board.

Any time a customer enters a business, it marks their first impression. Clean, shining windows, flawless carpeting and flooring can mean the difference between making the best deals and sales or losing a potentially strong customer.

“A strong partner in commercial cleaning is not an expense but the creation of a solid partnership. We work along side our clients for the best possible results in first time impressions. Our potential customers can look on the website for any number of testimonials, but it is the work that makes the biggest difference,” said Terry Coleman of Deep Kleen Ltd., of London.

Deep Kleen takes great pride in its work, and its work starts with their employees who go through a rigourous training program over the standards of office cleaning, expectations of the company and providing the absolute best in customer service.

“Our team can do the regular assignments of vacuuming and the like, but we also do deep cleaning, dusting and rubbish removal. There is very little we will not do on behalf of our clients,” continued Coleman.

A largely requested service is the green cleaning option. This services uses all environmentally friendly cleaning agents that are hypoallergenic. Many of the newer companies in the city are electing this option for their buildings and spaces.

“Many people and groups in London and across the U.K. are trying to become more green and work to protect the fragile environment. We only recently adopted this process on behalf of our clients. The service has been wildly successful, so we are looking into expanding this further,” said Coleman.

Deep Kleen works around the client schedule and not the other way around. This means cleaning can be done after hours or early in the morning depending on the client's specific desires. Weekend cleaning services are also available.

“It is our goal to make the customer into a solid client with a promise of a competitive price and customer service that will not be beat by anyone in London and the U.K. We offer much more than simple office cleaning,” continued Coleman.

Coleman refers to their other services such as building and construction cleanup and IT. The IT cleaning is almost as popular as the green cleaning service.

“Our IT cleaning goes back to the green cleaning concept. We have invested lots of time into training our team in correct procedures for delicate computing and IT equipment, particularly since more and more people are moving to the cloud and cloud based computing,” said Coleman.

Deep Kleen Ltd. has testimonials, a full list of services and more on the website. Visit for more.

Terry Coleman
Company: Deep Kleen Services Ltd
Address: 4 Angerstein Business Park, Horn Lane, London, SE10 0RT, UK
Phone: 020 8853 1251

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