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Jared Londry, recently announced that he will be providing an extensive degree of insight and accessibility into the process he and his colleagues employ while executing these kinds of transactions. Londry, who holds an MBA from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia, also announced the release of several articles in which the commercial real estate expert discusses how brokers can capitalize on emerging markets throughout the United States and beyond.

With a commercial real estate brokerage record that routinely features sales ranging up to $40 million, Londry is considered one of the top producers in the Carolinas and is highly sought after to provide the precise kind of insight he is now making so easily accessible through this recent release. Of particular interest is Londry’s philosophy regarding best practices for leveraging newly emerging markets such as the Charlotte area in which he currently resides, particularly so for commercial real estate brokers seeking to successfully execute seven- and eight-figure transactions with the efficiency and regularity for which Londry has become known.

“There are a multitude of markets throughout the United States poised to experience the kind of significant growth we have seen throughout the Carolinas,” said Londry. “With the proper preparation and access to the right kind of information, commercial real estate brokers in these markets have the benefit of an incredibly unique and potentially valuable opportunity.”

About Jared Londry

Jared Londry is a capital market specialist who serves as an associate vice president. Londry, who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, holds an MBA earned from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.