Pembrokeshire, Wales (October 7th, 2009) - CCTV4U, industry leaders in providing CCTV security solutions across Europe, introduce clients to their range of CCTV complete kits.

Available for easy set-up, CCTV4U‘s kits and packages are assembled from the most advances digital products on the market. They are designed for domestic and commercial properties to record incidents of property damage, theft, anti-social behaviour and many other applications.

Kits include a recorder, cables and connectors, power adaptors and upwards of 2 security cameras (either hardwired or wireless) with which to complete installation. Although designed for self-installation CCTV4U are there to offer advice to clients every step of the way if required.

With kits starting from just £190, CCTV kits from CCTV4U are a fast and affordable solution.

“Our CCTV kits are an affordable option, especially for domestic or smaller scale commercial use,” commented a spokesperson for CCTV4U. “CCTV can offer a feeling of extra security and are an investment into your safety - with one of our kits anyone can crime proof their home or business affordably.”

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