The CompTIA A+ qualification was created by the Computing Technology Industry Association. It was designed as an 'all-purpose' exam to test hardware support skills. Unlike some other, similar examinations offered by companies such as Microsoft, the CompTIA A+ certification is vendor neutral - it doesn't focus on the products or services of a single vendor, or company. The first version of the exam was unveiled in 1993, and there have been several updates since - in 2003 and 2006, for example. It is safe to say that the certification will continue to be refined as the years go by.

Having a CompTIA A+ certification shows that you possess all of the skills that are necessary when it comes to having a successful career in the IT industry. Getting your certification is the first step in your IT career as it helps to show your potential employers that you are fully qualified to take on a job that involved various computer related skills such as installation, networking, troubleshooting and maintenance. It is very important that you understand all there is to know about getting your certification before you start your journey on your way to pursuing your future IT career. This will prepare you for all of the things that you will need to know before you start looking for a new job in the IT field.

There are two basic exams which are required for you to take before you are able to receive your certification. These exams are the CompTIA A+ Essentials and the CompTIA A+ Practical Application. The Essentials exam helps to measure the various skills that are required for many of the entry level IT jobs that are currently available. You will have to have at least 500 hours which are made up of lab experience or work in the field before you can take this exam. This exam will test you on your ability to understand computer technology, as well as your skills in networking and security. You will also be tested on your communication skills and overall professionalism. This is required for all entry-level IT professionals who wish to receive their certification.

The CompTIA A+ Practical Application exam tests you on your knowledge and skill level which is also touched on with the Essentials test. This exam is - in a sense - an extension of that test, as it takes things a little further, adding in some hands on orientation which looks at various scenarios that deal with troubleshooting and the various technical tools which can be used in order to solve computer-related problems.

There are 100 questions on each CompTIA A+ exam and the length of each test is 90 minutes. In order to pass these exams you will have to achieve at least a 675 on your Essentials test and at least a 700 on the Practical Applications test. These scores are determined on a scale of 100 to 900. The test is available in many different languages including English, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean and Arabic.

The CompTIA A+ certification was developed in 1993 by the Computer Technology Industry Association. To gain the certification, candidates must take an exam which focuses on hardware support skills.