one.Q: What are the benefits of LED Lights?

A: LED (Light-Emitting Diode) Lights present a large number of advantages over standard light sources which includes reduce electrical power intake, a great deal more time life time, increased durability, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, minimal heat and more compact size.

2.Q: Can I right swap my current lamps with LED lamps?

A: The LED Lights we offer are direct replacement of incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps. This means that you do not need to do any variations on your present technique.

3.Q: Why need to I choose LED lamps over the cheaper common lamps?

A: Contemplate not only the original cost from the lamp, but the correct price of light, which includes the price of power, replacement and routine maintenance charges.

- LED lights use a lot a lot less electrical power. When installed at purposes with long do the job several hours the saved electrical power price can bring the payback time to much less than 2 decades.

- LED lights have a lot for a longer time everyday living, from thirty,000 to fifty,000 several hours. Envision that you just would not have to vary your lamps for the future twenty ages, particularly people not easy to access mild fixtures.

For commercial programs extended existence LED Lights indicate decrease replacement expenses and no additional group relamping. Taken into consideration lowered upkeep fees, the ROI (Return Of Financial commitment) time for LED Lamps is often less than one 12 months.

LED lamps create very little warmth therefore lowering the ability employed by your air conditioner.

LED light has no damaging UV (ultraviolet) and IR (infrared) rays.

LED lamps include NO mercury much like the fluorescent lamps. LED Lights are fully harmless to the Character and can be disposed as regular waste.

4.Q: Will the Lower Voltage LED lamps function with my current transformer?

A: Very low Voltage LED lamps are appropriate with magnetic transformers utilised with VAC lighting. For those who have an digital transformer just one LED lamp might not do the job due to its quite small electric power intake. To work correctly most digital transformers need a minimal load larger than the 3-watt used by our LED Place Lights. When connecting a number of LED lamps to 1 transformer the load will increase to a degree the place the use of an electronic transformer is satisfactory.

5.Q: How can a LED perform?

A: The LED (Mild Emitting Diode) is really an digital mild source that works from the influence of electroluminescence. Any time a semiconductor diode is turned on electrons recombine with holes and electricity is discharged as light.

six.Q: What on earth is the colour of your mild from a LED?

The mild colour of LED Lamps is measured by Correlated Coloration Temperature (CCT) in Kelvins. Up to date Higher Electric power LEDs are covered with phosphor to change light from a blue Resulted in a wide spectrum white mild. Commonest LED Mild colors applied are:

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