There may be many people who may have CR2 files. Since these files are unprocessed, they can neither be viewed on any other platform nor can they be shared on the Internet. Users have to convert these files into a compatible format and therefore, the news that Media Freeware has released an app known as the Free CR2 to JPG Converter that helps in converting CR2 files into JPG format may excite these people.

The Free CR2 to JPG Converter is a highly functional tool and so, it works very fast. Users can be certain of getting high-quality images with it. Users will not also face issues like nag screen or system crash while using the software. Further, users need not have to look for additional specifications for making use of the app. They can just run the tool on any device the Operating System of which is any version of Windows.

Users need not have fears of adware or malware since the app is free from such unwanted things. Since the app is simple and easy to use, even a user with a little technical background can understand its features and use it. In fact, its simple interface sans complex settings is what makes it popular among users. The main menu of the app itself contains all its functions.

Users have to just install the app and initiate it for adding as many files as they desire for conversion. The batch conversion feature of the app helps convert a number of files simultaneously. This feature saves the time of the users.

Users have the option of customizing the output by controlling the parameters such as the color, quality of the image, size of the file and so on. They can save the converted files either on the source folder itself or on a separate destination folder they choose.

In a nutshell, the Free CR2 to JPG Converter is a highly useful app, say the reviewers of the app.

About The Free CR2 To JPG Converter

The Free CR2 to JPG Converter helps those who own CR2 files and are not able to view them on any other platform or share them on the Internet by converting the files into JPG format. The app has a simple interface having all the functions on the main menu itself. Hence, it can be used even by those who possess a little technical knowledge.

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