Totem Media GB Limited has launched a new online conveyancing quote service offers a free conveyancing quote online which is also delivered to the users email address. The website also offers frequently asked questions about conveyancing

Nathan Jones, a spokesman for Totem Media GB Limited said: "We want to make the cheap conveyancing quotes website as easily understandable as possible for our customers. We know people have lots of questions when it comes to the conveyancing process and online conveyancing services in general.”

“We hope our users find the answers to the following questions useful;

Is conveyancing via the internet legal?
Can I speak to a conveyancing solicitor?
Are you fully qualified conveyancing solicitors?
What about where I live?
DIY Conveyancing?
How long will my conveyancing take?
What is meant by hidden extra costs?
Why have I seen other quotes advertised at £99?
What constitutes a conveyancing quote?
When should I instruct a conveyancing solicitor?

"The process is clearly marked out on our web site; Step one; Fill in the form and get a free conveyancing quote in just 10 seconds. Step two; View your quote online, we also send a copy to your email address. Step three; if you‘re happy the quote instruct us.

"Because the conveyancing quotes service is provided by qualified conveyancing solicitors we hope this provides our customers with confidence that their conveyancing will be dealt with quickly, efficiently and professionally, by a solicitor."

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