Bloomington, Illinois, September 23, 2009 In today‘s job market, it‘s tough to stand out from the crowd especially when you‘re posting on the same basic, frill-free job boards, web-resume builder and posting sites. creates web-based resume solutions as unique as its name: it helps jobseekers stand out from the crowd by showcasing their resumes, work samples, and practically every element of their professional identities to potential employers.

Communications professional and entrepreneur Al Jackson launched as a website service offering job seekers a new way to sell themselves to employers. Their online resumes include links to user resumes in multiple file formats, work samples, links to network sites, a link to a YouTube video, and even a personal web address for direct resume access. requires no resume builder forms, because web resumes are developed from scans of user-submitted files to retain the look and tone of their paper counterparts.

“‘s goal is two-fold,” according to Jackson. “First, to help your resume stand out. Second, any 21st century resume enhancement should support an employer‘s ability to easily compare candidate competencies in the same way they do with paper resumes. Many Americans invest a lot of time and money in perfecting the look and maximizing the impact of their paper resumes. They shouldn‘t have to abandon them to gain an online presence. With a web resume, they won‘t have to.”

Employers can review a user‘s resume online, download and print copies or even individual pages of the resume, and contact the user to communicate interest or request additional details. web resumes are hosted online for one whole year.

“We offer our users the freedom to choose the extent of personal details to showcase, as well as how public or private they want their web resumes to be.” Jackson explained. “With complete web resume packages starting at less than $25, has positioned itself to playing a major role in reducing joblessness.”


Founded in 2006 and based in Bloomington, IL, is dedicated to developing quality web resumes for multipurpose solutions for personal and business use. is committed to producing innovative, secure, user friendly, and professional-looking web resume presentations to showcase jobseekers‘ professional identities to best inform, impress, and intrigue prospective employers. To find out more, please visit

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