With tax increases, plans to increase National and Insurance and fuel duty added to the existing burden on fleet managers Cover4Fleet Insurance recommend a holistic management style.

Holistic or whole life costs refer to the all encompassing projected costs associated with the operation of a vehicle over its fleet life. This includes service, maintenance, repairs, depreciation, motor fleet insurance, fuel for company mileage, Vehicle Excise Duty, CO2 tax impact, Class 1A NIC payments as well as VAT on the fuel scale charge for private use if this is provided.

By adopting this holistic approach, fleet management will be able to make more informed decisions to vehicle selection. By doing so they will be better able to deal with the effects of various tax increases as well as the changing face of fleets as environmental initiatives take hold.

A central part of this holistic approach is assessing the environmental and tax impact of each vehicle type. Also setting a CO2 ceiling for fleet vehicles they will choose will be important and becoming more common now.

Cover4Fleet Insurance recommends that companies should start to look at carbon emissions of about 140g/km per vehicle as governments will continue to try to reduce them. If you make the right vehicle choices now or soon you can look at savings of many thousands of pounds.

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