Hi-Tech Resumes are a new generation of resume with multimedia embedded directly in it. A Hi-Tech Resume comes in MS Word and Adobe formats. Hi-Tech Resumes use web technology along with flash video streaming. The only difference is that in addition to the standard text content there is an embedded multimedia option available for potential employer to view. It is time to break away from the old way of doing things. Why should resumes stay the same, while technology advances all around us. We are a video intensive society.

Hi-Tech Resumes - highlights

No bigger than a standard resume
Video or Audio Embedded directly in the document
Can be easily transferred through normal email
User enable/disable controls
User tracking system of resume page views
Can be scanned in application tracking systems

Questions asked about Hi-Tech Resumes

Will Hi-Tech Resume work on all computers?

Yes. All computers have compatibility issues at some time or another. A PC or MAC with the latest version of Adobe Reader installed should be able to access the full functionality of our Hi-Tech Resume.pdf. You don't need flash installed on a computer to view these resumes, the flash is embedded in the resume.

Recruiters have only a few seconds to view the CV and decide to discard it or not. How will this technology help them?

Most Human Resource organizations have Adobe Reader and MS Word. HR people can review and scan your Hi-Tech Resume like any ordinary text resume, however, after viewing the resume if there is interest in the written content, the HR person can choose to exercise the embedded multimedia feature to meet you in person without leaving the document. My guess is curiosity would prevail and they would click on the multimedia option, 100% of the time.

Will Hi-Tech Resumes have bandwidth issues?

By design, the site has a two minute limit on multimedia content. The goal is by limiting the size of the file it will help create a smooth playback and will also help the user create a streamlined multimedia presentation, creating a product that is helpful and adds to their job search, as opposed to hurting it.

How much do Hi-Tech Resumes cost?

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to create a Hi-Tech Resume. We offer multimedia editing services that are very reasonable and we also offer a Hi-Tech Resume solution for FREE in our basic package.

I am camera shy and don't feel comfortable in front of a camera. Can I still do a Hi-Tech Resume?

Yes. If the user is camera shy and does not feel that they physically want to be in front of the camera. We offer a Talking Resume (audio embedded), giving you opportunity to be heard not seen.

What do I have to do to create a Hi-Tech Resume?

Creating a Hi-Tech Resume.pdf allows the candidate to essentially embed a multimedia cover letter directly into their resume document. We offer two types of Hi-Tech Resume.pdf one Visual and Talking Resume. The user would record their presentation in a video format regardless whether they use the Visual or Talking Resume versions.

Go visit the site http://www.hitechresumes.com. We offer user an online guide to help you create a quality RAW video using an ordinary camera and household items. You can practice in the comforts of their own surroundings, until they get your presentation right. Once you have recorded it and upload it, the site does the rest. Yes, it does require effort, but it is well worth in end result.

Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. The majority of job seekers have traditional resumes, having a Hi-Tech Resume will show a perspective employer that you are willing to take extra time and effort and that your job search is very important to you. You are on the cutting edge not just doing the status quo. Put a face and personality with a name. You have the chance to make a lasting impression that plain black and white words do not. Employers can instantly see the kind of ´life‘ that you would bring to their organization and if you‘d make a good fit.

I look forward to meeting you in person in your Hi-Tech Resume.

Nancy Shone
CEO & Founder