All small merchants and big businesses requires some form of credit card processing. How to select merchant services can impact your sales revenue and profit is an important factor. Learn the hidden rules of credit card processing for your business.

1: What are merchant services?

Merchant services enables us to process all credit card payments from our customers. It is a merchant account alliance with a credit card processor that works with our customer's bank to help credit card terminals transact and deposit into your bank account.

2: Who offers merchant services?

Merchant services are provided by specialized companies called merchant service providers or independent sales organizations that offer payment processing. Another source for setting up credit card merchant accounts is financial institutions or banks.

3: Which type of merchant service provider is best for a small business owner?

It depends on your business situation. A home-based business owner may be turned down from a bank since their business is less established. Merchant service providers and independent sales organizations can be more flexible. While one person may feel comfortable dealing with their local bank, another might prefer a credit card processor who offers low rates. Choose the merchant service provider that is important to your business needs.

4: Is a merchant account required to accept credit cards?

No. One option is to contract with companies providing payment processing on your behalf. Their prices are higher from taking a larger percentage of the ticket price. All credit card providers charge your small business a percentage of each credit card payment received. If you are considering selling on the Internet, a merchant account provides a better professional image.

If you allow a third party company to process your payments, you have to put your order form on the credit card processing site. You may only be able to get your funds two or three times a month, limiting cash flow. With your own merchant account, expect to receive those funds in less than threee days from the time of transaction.

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