By this time every one is able to analyze the effects of recession and its impacts on the global markets, there is nothing like a recession business model but yet some business models do much better even in recession periods.

The cause of recession would make many people loose their jobs, foreclosures, damaged credit ratings and increasing levels in debt.

This situation creates a need for credit and debt management businesses. Try to have a deep understanding about both ends and than analyze how you could fulfill that need.

This is going to be a very responsible job because you even need to consider the emotions and personal problems of people and judge their needs for not being in a position to pay the amount.

On the other end you need to help the bank survive, and fulfill the basic purpose of doing business, if not every one is going to get effected, just like the recession going out there.

This is more of services based, that makes best use of you conversing skills and you capabilities to provide a best solution to fulfill gap between people and lenders.