Crisis pushes everybody to be more economical, Women try to achieve this either buy saving money or spending the same amount to get versatile products, such as handbags, revealed by Wholesale Leather Handbags Inc.


Economic downturn always results in this unfaltering phenomenon everyone tries to be more economical. Men cut the expenses on shopping, while women try to achieve this either by slashing their budgets or by spending the same amount to get products of versatility, revealed by Wholesale Leather Handbags Inc. (

“Women‘s handbag business has not been down too much, and some styles are selling very well, making really good contribution to the sales amount”, said Hanson Law, marketing and sale manager from Wholesale Leather Handbags Inc. He revealed, according to the department‘s sales analysis of the first half of the year, sales of lower priced handbags on our website had increased about 25%, and malfunctioned leather handbags or purses accounted for about 36% of all styles, which implied that women cared the versatility handbag more than before. Hanson continued, “This sales report encourages us to develop and produce more of such versatile style leather handbags, which will be a high-light of our second half‘s line of handbags.”

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