Grimsby, Lincolnshire - Dataplan, who specialise in providing payroll outsourcing services in the UK; place their focus on customer care at the heart of their success.

According to their 2009 customer care survey 99% of clients said they would recommend their services, 100% said Dataplan met their expectations and 86% believe Dataplan's services are a great investment. Clearly they are doing a lot right.

Dataplan attribute their exceptional customer care to their '7 Guarantees' which include a no-fee satisfaction guarantee, a price guarantee and a deadline guarantee.

Communication channels are open and discussion is invited - in their survey Dataplan received a score of 95% for their problem solving ability and 98% for accessibility i.e. getting in touch with who you need to and getting a response fast.
Their commitment and resulting excellent level of care helped Dataplan win IPP's 2008 Payroll Outsourcer of the Year award - an accolade of which Dataplan are deserved holders.

"We're proud of what we've achieved and we thank our customers for their trust and loyalty," Commented a spokesperson for Dataplan. "Without our customers we simply don't have a business, which is why we place customer care at the top of our priorities. Our most recent survey results were great and we're glad we're doing a good job."

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