Los Angeles, CA With an inventory of 1000‘s of top video game titles, the recently-launched website, www.naxdax.com is making it easier for online shoppers to avoid paying shipping charges. The website allows registered users to search by game title, genre, console or other registered users to find the best deals on video games or find the right buyers for their new and used video games. Additionally, Naxdax.com offers users free shipping on all video gaming accessories; just in time for the early Christmas shopping.

Many video game experts have said that Naxdax is a savior to the video gaming industry. Their tagline, “Games to The People”, is quickly catching on as their registered users continue to grow daily. Their call to arms, if you will, is backed by gamers who believe that they too deserve to have a stake in the multi billion dollar industry. After all, is it not the gamer that makes the games what they are? Should those same gamers not be rewarded monetarily? Having a place to buy and sell new and even used video games is not a new idea. It has been done before, but never to the level of user to user. It has always been big gaming giants to small time, hardcore gamers, who continue to build to the large profits that the industry enjoys.

The solution, said Naxdax President and CEO Jason Wang, was to create a place where you took the middle man out of the buying process. “It‘s like the music industry”, said Wang, “artists are finding it more advantageous to remove themselves from the record companies and focus on the distribution channels only. This gives them a larger profit and a real sense of ownership of what they created. In this same process, we are removing the middle man.”

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