ADC Dentist, one of the more progressive dental clinics in Virginia State, is now open to serve households in Falls Church City or adjacent communities. The dental facility specializes in cosmetic and family dentistry.

Dr. Homan Solemaninejad said ADC Dental Clinic will focus on providing the much-needed oral health care for adults and kids of different ages.

Prompt and Efficient Service

The management of ADC Dentist announced families can simply set same-day appointments through phone calls for children, teens, parents, and even the elderly folks. This dental clinic in Falls Church offers multiple services and not only the usual consultation and prophylaxis or removal of tartar and plaque from patients’ teeth. Dr. Solemaninejad mentioned the flexible treatment hours particularly for employees with 8am to 5pm jobs or teenagers who attend classes on weekdays. Emergency situations will not be an issue because dentists are on call to attend to urgent cases.

Aesthetic Dental Services

ADC dentist also provides cosmetic dentistry solutions for patients with issues such as cracked or chipped teeth. The clinic’s cosmetic dental experts also have the capability to deal with teeth discoloration. Cosmetic procedures help minimize indications of aging and make the person looks younger. Good-looking teeth restore self-esteem since the person can smile without hesitation.

The cosmetic dentist also takes care of damage as a result of trauma, infections, abnormalities in teeth development, and heredity. Patients need not worry too much regarding costs because the effects can last for more than 10 years. Dentist Falls Church puts importance on patient’s consultation take the opportunity to go over dental history, present the different options, evaluate patient’s requirements, take photos or x-rays, and provide a comprehensive plan or treatment program.

The consultation usually includes costing and duration of treatment. There is a possibility that the patient will require post-treatment where the person sees the dentist regularly. The crucial stage includes retention to ensure your teeth remain in position after removal of braces.

Before arranging a consultation with ADC Dentist, review the clinic’s website to find out treatments the dentist offers. This approach allows patients to ask any questions related to their conditions. A cosmetic or family dentistry expert will take care of patients’ needs but make sure to update them of all developments on a regular basis. There must be open communications between the individual and treatment providers. Do not show reluctance in pointing out any possible flaws because of the dental care service providers’ accountability to all their patients.

About the Clinic

ADC Dentist is located at 6065 Arlington Blvd. Falls Church, VA 22044. Check out its various services as well as other important details at or call telephone numbers during regular business hours at (703) 237-0060. The contact person is Dr. Homan Solemaninejad for fast responses. The clinic’s email address is [email protected]

Dr. Homan Solemaninejad
Company: ADC Dentist
Address: 6065 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church, VA 22044
Phone: (703) 237-0060
Email: [email protected]