High-net worth business owner families and other investors are becoming increasingly interested in a new form of investment – impact investing. Doing good without sacrificing returns on investment is a new trend that originated in the USA but is now increasingly attracting attention here as well.

Impact investing involves more than sustainable investment. The goal is to achieve direct, positive social and ecological effects through investments. In other words, the classic idea of investor returns is being expanded to include a “social return on investment” as well.

CWP Investments invited clients and management staff from our Singapore family office team to a presentation by Frank Ghashabi and Bill Jameson at CWP Investments’ headquarters in Singapore. CWP Investments is among the pioneers of this new investment philosophy, in which equity interests help make the world a better place.

Using detailed reports, CWP Investments showed that our impact investments across all asset classes are not only competitive in their own right, but also help drive forward socially responsible projects. Our foundation takes a long-term approach to impact investing across our entire portfolio, allowing us to report from an investor perspective, too. Particularly interesting was the fact that we have succeeded in outperforming conventional benchmarks in the past and that investors do not have to sacrifice returns despite the strong focus on impact investments.

“High net worth business owner families in particular are starting to be interested in this topic,” said Charles Williamson, CEO of CWP Investments.

“Our clients don’t just want to buy organic or source green electricity; they also want to support meaningful projects directly. Our event gave them an overview of the various options that exist to date in this fresh and developing market.”

The event primarily supports social entrepreneurs in Singapore. These are business founders who are devoting themselves to, and want to generate an acceptable income from, socially beneficial projects.

Williamson, also underlined the growing importance of impact investing. “Public-private partnerships in particular can achieve a lot in this space”, he said. “For example, public sector investors who are primarily interested in achieving an impact can make it attractive for private sector players to invest in developing markets and emerging economies by providing risk buffers.” Summing up, Charles was upbeat: “Thanks to our experience to date in this area and the CWP Investments family’s extensive network of contacts, we can not only offer our clients guidance in this area but also assist them in looking for impact investments”.

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