Merchant Hub is a company like no other. At Merchant Hub, buying and selling is made easier. Across the total payments spectrum, they are the company that provides innovative payment solutions for merchants and financial institutions around the world. Merchant Hub is a trusted partner in the communities in which we live and work, providing enduring value and constancy through the jobs we create and through our active social involvement in each local community. Merchant Hub is a National Company in Merchant Services. Merchant Hub provides payment processing services to the world‘s largest financial service providers, to the merchant around the corner, and to businesses and governments of all sizes in between.

Many of you do business with Merchant Hub everyday, although you may not realize it. Whether you are writing a check at the gas station, using your ATM/debit card to pay for groceries, buying a book online, getting cash out of an ATM, paying for dinner with your credit card or using a gift card to purchase something special, chances are your transaction is moved quickly and securely by Merchant Hub. Merchant Hub facilitates merchant ability to accept credit, debit, prepaid and loyalty cards and they provide point-of-sale (POS) devices to make transactions happen. The firm processes the credit and debit cards for financial institutions and other issuers of cards and they operate the STAR Network, a U.S. debit/ATM network and an expert in secure, real-time electronic transactions. Consumer transactions at the point-of-sale at a location or over the Internet or at an ATM are secured well by the Merchant Hub. They finally verify and guarantee checks presented to merchants for payment will be collectible.
Danny Beydoun from Merchant Hub is the specialist in Transaction Processing with startup business serving Florida.

Danny Beydoun from Miami Beach, Florida is the Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Merchant Hub. Danny Beydoun on receiving his MBA from Michigan State University and an under grad degree in International Business, has drawn 20 years experience in Sales & Consulting to provide innovative solutions, employee relations, executive recruitment, strategic marketing planning with results to clients in a plethora of professional industries that range from, but not limited to, banks, hospitals, hospitality, restaurants and from small and large retail stores. Danny lives in several states across the US, namely Las Vegas, Florida and Michigan. Apart from work, he loves to play Polo, travel, runs on the beach, practice Yoga, and enjoy the outdoors at any given chance.

Address :
1680 Michigan Ave
Suite 700
Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States
phone: 877-615-5050
fax: 877-615-2723
mail: [email protected]