Darain Atkinson the President of a Large Company based out of Wentzville Missouri has a desire to do more good charity work in the next 5 years.

Darain Atkinson is the President of a large company based out of a St Louis Suburb Wentzville Missouri. Darain is strong leader that has tackled many obstacles in his days as a business owner. Darain notes that he gains a large amount of strength from his Faith and his Family.

By most definitions, there is no question that Darain Atkinson would be considered a success. When asked about his “key to success”, Darain humbly responds, “Being grounded. Seeking God first in everything I do, and putting the right people in the right places…and having faith in your team to do what is right when it counts.”

In the past few years people have said many things about Darain, which would be considered crippling to most people. It doesn‘t bring Darain down because he has such a strong belief system and looks forward to what good is going to come from the path he is on. “In 5 years I see myself doing a lot of charity work. Doing things that make the world a better place.” Said Darain

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