Darain Atkinson a St Louis Businessman and Father, has a Desire to be a Great Employer even in rough Economic Times

Darain Atkinson is the President of a large St Louis business and has a goal to keep jobs even when times are harder than the past.

Darain Atkinson is a man that contributes his success to his faith and his family. Darain is the owner of a successful company in the city of Wentzville Missouri a suburb of St Louis Missouri. Darain is the father of 4 children and has been married to his wife for many years. He believes that the foundation of everything he has built is a result to his faithfulness to his wife and children, his commitment to his faith, and his commitment to his employees.

"You hear so much sad news these days about people loosing their jobs and it's just a shame. I am so fortunate to have a great company to give job opportunities to good, hard-working people right here in the heartland," said Atkinson.

Darain is committed to offering great opportunities to the people around him. Darain‘s formula for success is to be loyal to the people he cares about including is family his employees, and of course his customers. This has been a proven method for success for him and his company.

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Darain would be considered a success as a Father, a Husband, and a Business Man