David R. Gray, a veteran of the real estate industry and attorney, has announced the release of a new review concerning the services made available through BoldLeads. The review, which is now posted on Gray’s website, http://davidrgrayjr.com/david-r-gray-jr-reviews-boldleads-real-estate-marketing/ , focuses on thoroughly evaluating the efficacy of the BoldLeads program and takes an in-depth look at the inherent advantages and disadvantages for real estate agents who make use of the program.

“Speaking from my own experience, I know all too well how difficult it can be to generate leads with a great deal of consistency,” said Gray, who was able to draw on years of real estate industry experience while evaluating BoldLeads. “While conducting my review of BoldLeads, I have to admit that I was thoroughly impressed with how intuitive the system is and how effective it proved to be in generating useful real estate leads.”

According to Gray, BoldLeads, a system developed by Danny Loschiavo and Christine Loschiavo, is particularly effective in generating interest among those within a specific target market by attracting prospective buyers and sellers to the realtor’s landing page. Through the use of automated systems and software programs, BoldLeads collects the information provided by visitors and begins the process of assisting the agent in converting each lead into a listing.

About David R. Gray, Jr.

An attorney and real estate professional, David R. Gray, Jr., frequently reviews products and services that fall into his specific area of expertise. Known for his direct and objective approach, Gray is a detail-oriented professional who believes it is his responsibility to provide thorough and comprehensive reviews for the benefit of the consumer.