DC Plumber, LLC Announces Its Expanded Service Hours

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DC Plumber, LLC announced that it is expanding its service hours, to include 24/7 service. The company stated that these expanded service hours are meant to help homeowners and business owners who are faced with a plumbing emergency. DC Plumber, LLC went on to state that plumbing emergencies can happen any time, even late at night and on weekends and holidays. The company went on to state that no homeowner should have to wait for service when a plumbing emergency happens, just because they can’t find a plumber who is open. DC Plumber, LLC went on to state that their expanded service hours put them in a position to best serve the city they love.

DC Plumber, LLC then described some situations that might call for emergency plumbing services. According to DC Plumber, LLC, one such emergency situation is leakages. The company went on to state that leakages can occur in any part of the home’s plumbing system, including the pipeline, water heating system, or drain line. DC Plumber, LLC announced that leakages should be fixed quickly, or else the piping might burst.

DC Plumber, LLC also stated that water heater issues constitute a plumbing emergency. According to the company, water heaters are subject to leaks, blockages, and emergency breakdowns. The company stated that such malfunctions can affect the entire house. DC Plumber, LLC also stated that drain pipe clogs require emergency plumbing calls, if the homeowner cannot unclog them. The company stated that such issues can inhibit proper water flow throughout the house, and should be dealt with immediately, no matter the time of day or day of the week. https://www.facebook.com/DCPlumberLLC/

DC Plumber, LLC closed its announcement by providing some brief company information. DC Plumber, LLC stated that it has been serving residents of the Washington, DC area for years. Further details can also be found at https://plus.google.com/103514385271631698411

DC Plumber, LLC went on to state that its master plumbers and gas fitters are able to service homes and businesses throughout the DC area. The company concluded its statement by announcing that it has always taken great care to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. They can be followed at http://ebusinesspages.com/DC-Plumber-LLC_dplpz.co

DC Plumbing, LLC
Address: 1216 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003
Phone: (202)869-1688
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/plumberindc


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