September 16th, 2009 Judith Summers, “A plethora of ladies nowadays are being flooded by a assortment of anti wrinkle skin care products which claim to reduce the effects of the sun and various other widespread damaging aspects on their skin. Being persuaded by such anti wrinkle skin care products which they see on television and hoardings, ladies instantly rush to purchase that item. On the other hand, what they fall short to understand is that quite a lot of the products that are advertised are prepared using elements which will injure their skin.

Certain ladies have delicate skin and so such chemicals result in clogging of their apertures, which in turn results in acne,” says Judith Summers from Even few well recognized brands in the beauty industry add an assortment of foreign material to their products that have an unpleasant effect on various types of skin. Few olive oil skin care products contain mineral oils that can be listed under altered names, for instance liquid paraffin or even paraffin wax that may result in the blockage of pores, resulting in the trapping of pollutants leading to one‘s skin feeling greasy. Another common type of chemical element which is used in plenty of skin care products is Dioxane that is obtained from coconut. When rubbed on the skin, this chemical passes through the pores immediately and is absorbed by the bloodstream thereby causing a variety of skin irritations. “Even the fragrance aromas that are used in manufacturing various top skin care products for forty year old women are dangerous, as a mixture of chemicals and other toxins known as carcinogens are used in their fabrication. What ladies should consider is that spraying on fragrance is not like massaging cream on the body, as the skin is porous it is able to quickly absorb anything applied on to it,” says Summers. She continues, “Many alcohols such as ethanol and even benzyl are being utilized in a huge quantity of products. These alcohols are the prime basis of irritation and aridness as they administer to rid the body of its naturally produced oils following in it becoming more vulnerable to illnesses and diseases.”

However, not the complete range of ingredients used in such anti aging skin care products are damaging, as other products that contain certain amounts of collagen are important for the body. Collagen is a material created by the body which assists in retaining its flexibility and density. Another constituent known as Cynergy TK is the element which all women should look for in beauty products as it helps the body to naturally raise the production of elastin and collagen resulting in amplified suppleness and brightness. To reverse the signs of aging, many ladies resort to a multiple range of anti wrinkle skin care products, as they believe such products to be very advantageous and helpful. Although there are certain wrinkle skin care products that assist women in this consideration, most beauty corporations are worried about the amount of funds that they produce and as such they cram their merchandise lines with a variety of substances that they are aware of being damaging to the skin. The other way in which ladies can be made aware of this fact is if they are knowledgeable in respect to the components that aid formulating the beauty product that they are procuring.