The HSCN is another network for health and social care professionals to access the necessary patient information. What many people are confused about is the differences between the HSCN and the N3. In this post, we have identified what separates the HSCN from the N3 as well as how you can connect the HSCN.

What Is HSCN Connectivity?
HSCN is an abbreviation for Health and Social Care Network which is the next generation IT Services Nottingham network for health and social care professionals. NHS Digital released a statement saying that the HSCN is designed to “provide a reliable, flexible, and efficient way for organizations within the health and social care department to exchange and access information.” The new HSCN will not only maintain lower costs but will also reduce the complexity of use. Networks will be, and service sharing will be enabled.

What Is The Difference Between The N3 Network And HSCN?
NHS Digital also said in a statement that the creation and release of the HSCN (health and social care network) was due to the N3 network no longer being appropriate for the direction of health and social care. They believe that the new HSCN is much more patient-centric than the N3 as it will bring together health and social care organizations for the first time. The N3 was created over ten years ago, and with the advancement of technology, the N3 hasn’t enabled the flexibility that the industry so desperately needs. With innovation and agility at the forefront of the HSCN creation, speed and engagement will be a welcomed improvement in this new network.

The Network Of Networks
The N3 was a centrally managed and singularly supplied managed network. What the HSCN is doing is opening up a market for certified suppliers in order to build a network of networks. Part of this method will be to recycle any existing infrastructure with the help of managed network services. With the introduction of providers being able to supply HSCN connectivity, costs will remain competitive, and no single company or provider will have a monopoly over the necessary access. End users will have access to a variety of services, products, and support along with granting access from any location at any time. The freedom of access will make a huge impact in the health and social care industry as professionals working in the community today are only able to make personal notes which aren’t able to be uploaded to the system until they get back to the office. This can result in lengthy delays of patient information and also adds on working hours to an already heavy workload for the professionals.

Making The Transition From N3 To HSCN
The first step in getting connected to the HSCN is to complete a connection agreement. The best way to do this is to contact a managed IT service provider that has experience in managed network services. Tecsenza, is a service provider offering IT support in Birmingham, remotely, and around other areas of the UK. Current users of the N3 network will also need to sign a new connection agreement for the HSCN and will also need to seek a service provider that offers managed network services. The easiest way to transition from the N3 network to the HSCN is through an accredited service provider that has previous experience with the N3 network.

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