Singapore based alternative asset manager Denko Group has announced that three of it's reccomended hedge funds have reached triple digit gains since the beginning of 2009.

The milestone was marked with an exclusive reception for Denko's top clients who had an opportunity to hear elite trader Rick Taylor make a presentation on his market views for the long term and near-future. Mr. Taylor's successful career is hilighted by being one of the few in the financial industry to forsee the recent downturn in global markets.

The fund sectors that had the greatest returns were global energy, strategic growth and commodities, as China continues its aggresive purchasing of energy, commodities and hard assets.

Denko Group is a private equity firm dedicated to providing superior returns on capital. They seek high net return opportunities in all sectors, from high-growth technology and life science companies to recommending competitors funds, while achieving superior returns for investors. They bring together the financial and intellectual capital necessary to create a sharp edge that is focused solely on investor‘s confident assurances of outstanding performance. For more information on the Denko Group please visit their website at

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