Singapore based Denko Group has reported record breaking demand for their hedge fund that bets the US dollar will lose value relative to currencies like the euro, yen, Swiss franc and the British pound.

As the US dollar loses value against six major currencies, Denko‘s Short Dollar fund gains value. This is done a complex structure which ties the instrument to short term T-bills and futures contracts. It provides clients with a straightforward approach to shorting the dollar without entering into short contracts themselves.

It is recommended that only the most advanced investors attempt short selling of any commodity due to the exposure to limitless losses and the risk of a margin call. Denko‘s fund does not carry these risks, and can be bought and sold like any other fund.

Denko Group is a private equity firm dedicated to providing superior returns on capital. They seek high net return opportunities in all sectors, from high-growth technology and life science companies to recommending competitors funds, while achieving superior returns for investors. They bring together the financial and intellectual capital necessary to create a sharp edge that is focused solely on investor‘s confident assurances of outstanding performance. For more information on the Denko Group please visit their website at

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