A trusted company to give you money for your extra or unwanted diabetic test strips. They provide fast payment, top dollar, and free pick up!

Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ is a perfect place to sell extra diabetic test strips in NJ and nearby areas. They are an honest, a reliable company which makes use of priority customer service, so clients get paid more. The company has 1 location in the NJ area and has been in the business since 2015.

Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ have a simple 3 step process;
Call them or send a txt telling them the brands you have or fill out the online form,
Agree on a fair price,
Meet at a safe public place with your diabetic test strips and get paid.

Diabetic patients are sometimes advised by their doctors to switch their testers. So, what would they do with their unused diabetic strips? Discarding them could mean losing a considerable amount of money. This site will purchase these unused test strips and pay cash on the spot.

According to the owners, Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up purchases all major brands of diabetic test strips such as Aviva Plus, Accu Check, Contour Next, Contour, Freestyle Lite, Devcxon G6, Omni pods, One Touch Ultra, One Touch Verio, and many other others. The company is happy to purchase as many brands that are on the market so they can assist a lot of people suffering from diabetes. They meet their clients in a safe and public place, not like tons of companies who ask clients to mail the strips into them. This makes selling diabetic strips easy and comfortable.

Selling unused diabetic test strips is the smart way of recycling unused boxes and, at the same time, earning money. When it comes to the amount the clients can get, Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ is using a payout calculator based on the brand, box count and expiration date to determine the amount she or he will get.

The company does not accept a box of strips that are expired, nor damaged or opened. The company doesn’t share the info of the seller to the public. Sellers are advised to trust Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ when it comes to selling test strips.

About Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up
Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up is one of the best and most reliable sites with regards to selling diabetic test strips. Also, they offer priority pick up for quick and faster service. There is no need to wait a couple of days to get the mailing kit. also, the company provides competitive payout. Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ advise sellers to compare the rates prior to selling the test strips.

For more information about the company’s services, please visit Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up website (http://www.cashfordiabeticteststripsnj.com) now or call 609-297-7149.

Company: Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ We Come to You & Pick-Up
Company Address: 65 Railroad Avenue
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Contact Person: Ron
Contact Number: 609-297-7149
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Website: http://www.cashfordiabeticteststripsnj.com