Digital Currency Is Bullish, Investors Don’t Have To Wait

On wednesday (January 24th) in 2006, the digital crypto-currency has continued its upward trend since Tuesday, with total market value up $50 billion. In the last 24 hours, most of the top 10 digital currencies in the market value have seen a big increase, with NEO soaring by 22% , four digital currency like Stellar and Ethereum increasing by over 10% and bitcoin increased by 7.47%.The situation seems to reverse public pessimism about digital currencies and to remind investors that the emerging market is booming.Against all odds, digital currency remains standing still in the wind and rain.

Blue Sea, a promising market, has attracted more and more investors. The first generation of digital currencies, however, has a limited number. There are too many people queuing up for a place in the market, but only few can gain access to it. -Said that, investors don't need to worry, as emerging digital currencies have been increasingly developed to meet the needs of the market and users.Some may question that the new currency is not mature enough compared to the old counterpart,such as Bitcoin, and that public acceptance remains to be tested.However, on the contrary, each emerging currency was born on the basis of improving the technology of the original currency, which abandoned the original malpractice and combined the advantages of different old currencies. As a result, it can better meet the needs of investors.The author focuses on the lion chain,one kind of emerging currencies.

Lioncoin is abbreviated to LNC. Founded in June 2017, LNC is the sixth generation cryptographic digital currency developed by Alpha Blockchain Labs in the United States for three years. Alpha Blockchain Labs is made up of the core members of R&D teams including Litecoin, Ethereum and Rivabel, as well as professors and experts from several universities. The technical strength of the team is well recognized by the industry.In 2017, LNC received the dual digital encryption license for FCA and FINRA. After more than half a year of initial mining and certification, LNC will be officially launched in February 2018 for the global market.

Its total design is 99 million, far higher than the 21 million bitcoin.Among them, the initial 9 million were mainly sold through offline consumption or online subscription.In the later stage, LNC's exploitation volume will reach 90 million, which is mainly used for holding interest, promotion bonus and online activity rewards.

First of all, LNC employes the state-of-the-art hybrid blockchain technology, which pioneered the LNCAI smart contract system with an innovative "Pow + Pos" certification based on an optimized Scrypt algorithm. LNCAI is a protocol and recycle system based on P2P protocol + smart contract, which materializes the registration, confirmation, conversion, exchange, betting, circulation and other more complicated interactions on various digital assets.

This hybrid block chain has five layers, namely, application layer, contract layer, logic layer, data layer and security layer.The application layer provides the user with multiteminal-friendly application interface, which is convenient for the user to manage the assets.The contract layer adopts the joint venture contract and the joint control contract to issue and manage the assets. As the core of the algorithm, logical layer make logical judgments on user actions and determinie relevant behavioral instructions. The data layer uses the distributed account book + distributed computing technology to record the details of the distribution, consumption and exchange of assets, making the digital currency more transparent , compatible, more traceable and error-free.The security layer uses the military-level security defense algorithm to protect the digital assets of users.

LNC players generate blocks by contributing themselves or by promoting others' participation in contributing to the community's computational support. For each block generated,the original block will be rewarded with newly-produced LNC, while players play a role in maintaining and increasing their wealth through fair OTC transactions. At the same time, players can offline and online consumption in the global free trade platform and joined businesses independently developed by LNC, realizing the actual use of LNC scene.

The Lioncoin is not only a digital currency, an open platform, but also an industry standard. It can pay, accept and store any currency including fiat money such as the United States dollar, rouble, euro, RMB, virtual currency such as Bitcoin, Wright coin and indirect currencies such as gold, silver, and valuable financial derivatives.

Its core lies in the commercial application and the living payment. Connecting all kinds of merchants, such as basic necessities of food and clothing, food and drink, LNC is determined to build the global commodity free trade platform. In so doing, players with LNC can comsume anywhere in the world and LNC will generate value in circulation.

It can be predicted that LNC will become truly appliable digital currency with circulation value and investment value in the future.

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