Digital legal transcription services are provided by legal transcription firms. These transcription firms consist of a group of experts that include legal transcriptionists, editors and a technical support team. These sections of staff work in the right manner of co-ordination to deliver the best results for legal professionals. Legal transcription firms also invest enormously in technology and keep training their staff in order to handle varied projects in the fastest and most customer friendly manner and with the highest level of secrecy and precision.

Benefit from a Wide Range of Legal Transcription Services

Legal transcription assignments taken care of by the firms generally include memorandum letters, client letters, hearings, depositions, legal pleadings, court transcripts, briefs, reports, etc. The quality of digital legal transcription services is ensured by the multiple quality checks.

Digital dictation of data is provided with the aid of digital dictation machines. In the digital mode of dictation, the legal professional dictates the details on a digital recorder which is then downloaded to a local computer with an Internet connection that serves to transfer the files to the company‘s secure server. The files are then downloaded by transcriptionists for transcribing. Alternatively, dictation is also possible by secure toll-free numbers.

Quality Legal Transcription Providers Ensure Maximum Security

Legal transcription firms also provide customers with the software necessary for the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that connects the legal professional‘s computer with the firm‘s secure server. This would facilitate easy transfer of files to and fro in a secure manner. The firm also employs a browser based 256 bit encryption system for secure file transfer.

Digital legal transcription services are therefore foolproof, secure, precise and quick, just the way legal professionals like it.