USA -, a business periodical that was started in 2014 by Derin Cag, the present CEO and founder of the digital publication, recently started dishing out non-traditional business growth hacks that can be used effectively by entrepreneurs. Richtopia , a portmanteau coined by Derin, is a combination of two words, ‘rich’ and ‘utopia’.

The owners and all the stakeholders associated with this digital publication envision a world where everyone is spiritually, mentally and emotionally rich. The ethos of the digital periodical was reflected in the words spoken by Derin Ceg during a recent press conference that was preceded by an informal chat with Tim Campbell MBE, a celebrated English businessman.

“Richtopia is a digital platform where we aim to pull together different resources, industry insights and guidelines for the aspiring entrepreneurs. We know everybody wants to pick some inspiration for getting success in business. We are providing these growth hacks to wannabe entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their business and are ready to meet the challenges of launching a new business head-on. We love people who are innovative, ready to take risks and do not bother trying non-traditional growth hacks”, said Derin Cag in conversation with the press.

Picking the example of co-founder Ben Silbermannn, Derin Cag said that the co-founder actually visited his local Apple Store and put the social bookmarking site on every Apple device quite clandestinely.

“Today, we have Richard Branson, Marcus Lemonis, Marsha Collier and the likes in our reader’s list. But it was never so easy when we started the magazine and we actually had dreamt big yet started quite humble”, added Derin. “So we have decided to mete out growth hacks for today’s entrepreneurs. Along with these pitchy tips, one can also find expert articles, something that has been a forte of us since our inception.”

Derin, who has had press coverage on various top media outlets and stays well-connected to his readers and followers through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, also mentioned about a recent interview with Helen Clark , who was 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand and one of Richtopia’s most notable readers, during his interview and expressed his gratitude towards her.

About the Company

Richtopia is a digital periodical, covering business, finance, women leaders, top lists, and more. Their mission statement is: “providing information to enrich your life”.

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