Our government is still working in diplomacy to improve our ID system and passport system. We have our owner social security for GOV IUKAC Empire with 10 digits including words too. Our enclave nation and territory have diplomacy and official foreign country territory. Our kingdom has different visions. We continue development work in GOV IUKAC Empire and have your monetary system. We use our monetary system in the market. And our federal reserve of GOV IUKAC bank uses our controversial currency banknote dukedom grand dollars and denarios.

We have a check of GOV IUKAC Empire, certificate of share stock market and we use both. Our court of GOV IUKAC Empire sends a few orders to banker association and international court of Hague, Supreme Court of USA, and other international court and organizations. Our nation is controlled by King Ludwig Falkenstein. However King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo has helpers - Sultan Buhari Isah works with prime minister of GOV IUKAC Empire.

In 2021 we continue development and work. GOV IUKAC Empire has different state and we have a few independent state of King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo. He runs in the personal union of King Ludwig Falkenstein. That is the name used when there are different states separated but with the same king.

Kingdom of Jerusalem is one of this kingdom. This kingdom is located in Sahara west. However by defect in the enclave nation of King Ludwig Falkenstein live. GOV IUKAC Empire will continue development of our country. We invite to become a citizen of GOV IUKAC. We invite to become a citizen of IUKAC. GOV IUKAC Empire will continue work diplomacy for our government IUKAC EMPIRE.


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