GOV IUKAC Empire is still working for diplomacy and we begin a few educations training to help improve our kingdom diplomacy.

The diplomacy of GOV IUKAC Empire still requires a bit of work with a few bilateral agreements and becoming part of a few important organizations how observamos status and other government organization to continue make diplomacy. We improve our ID and application system in a rigorous manner because our government can’t share citizenship in a bad way. All people who want to apply to GOV IUKAC Empire citizen is welcome. A few countries will be given faster application.

These are USA, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, UK, Austria, Colombia, Israel, and Puerto Rico. Other countries will need to submit naturalization application and citizen application with all documents. The citizenship approval takes 6 months. The GOV IUKAC Empire has the blue passport and regular ID and certificate.

For any of these documents, there is need to pay your cost and government seals of approvals.
GOV IUKAC Empire changes your leadership. We will find our right leadership. For now the prime minister is eliminated. The King Ludwig do it your government exercise in complete.

We will choose another leader for 2021. Our 2 last prime minister did a great job. But we are making a change in the government IUKAC. We work in protocol of our government so as to do everything right.

Diplomacy Government.

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