The IUKAC nation keeps improving our government policies especially in our monetary system. Our money fiat, Trust money, our money has purchasing power. Although few governments exchange or change our stocks, the sovereign market of the GOV IUKAC Empire keeps preparing and making changes and creating a list of traders who wish to accept our currencies. To be part of our territories and nation enclave, we have created different designs of our coins for 2022. Our grand dollars is dollars number 21. There are 21 nations that have their dollars. The IUKAC government has established that our currencies are sufficient and have their governmental value, established by our government. and does not need guarantees of other currencies or treasure.


Its value on the market is only listed on our independent market. King Ludwig has studied independently and taken many courses in economics to be able to develop these coins. Our currencies do not compete with the US dollars although they are worth more than the US dollars like the Denarios and the Imperial Euros. Note the imperial euro was only launched in 2016 but it continues to trade in this market.

We have sold shares. For sure, yes. We have sold them over the counter.
Investors, nations and other markets can negotiate with us. Price of market GOV IUKAC stock market
1 Dukedom Grand Dollars = 2.64 dollars USA


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