Throughout The Centuries, Long Before The Time Of Pharaohs And Kings, Djinns Were The Ruler Of Universe!

These are the earliest Inhabitants of Universe.

Djinns Are Spiritual Beings Of Intense Energy, Manifestation Channeling The Natural Elements.

These Elements Naturally Are Earth, Fire, Water And Air. Each Of These Elements Are Broken Down Into The Classifications.

The Marid Represents Water, Ifrit Represents Fire, Jann Represents Earth And The Shaitan Represents Air.

In General The Alliance Between Man And The Jinn Gives Immense Power To The Person Or Persons Involved, Human Or Jinn.

The Power of the jinn‘s Are White Magic, Black Magic, Chaos, Alterations, Time, Transportation, Elemental, Illusion and To Transmute.

They can travel beneath the earth and cover waste distance in seconds.

They are great source of information about past and about any one you wan tot know.

Djinn easily twists the words and hence your wishes. So be very specific when stating your wish.

They normally avoid human body when they appear before you as this bound them with law of nature.

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So they can be get killed like any other human.

Some other terms used for Djinn are Jinn, Jinnat, Genie.

Some peoples are also called them Demons.

The Djinn Binding Rituals presented here are extremely powerful.

These Djinn Invocation Rituals have been used for centuries to summon Jinn‘s by conjurors.

Use these Rituals with caution. A good intention and pure heart is the key of success.

Djinn‘s can be bound to any object like ring, pendant, stone etc.

Djinn ring is mostly commonly used for this purpose.

The rituals presented here are harmless & safe.

A Paranormal activity can happen as a result of the rituals.

If you are afraid of paranormal occurrences then do not perform these rituals.

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