Ever been in the shower and taken a deep breath, just to delight in the smell of the fresh water
that is pouring all over your body. Then you gasp and splutter. That smell is not fresh h2o but Chlorine, one of the maximum deadly chemicals, used to kill almost 100,000 soldiers in WWI is used today to sanitize our household h2o supply. It sounds like an oxymoron to use such a deadly chemical like Chlorine to make our drinking and washing h2o safe. Chlorine gas ravaged the soldiers in WWI. Chlorine in its liquid form is used to treat the water supply.????

There is a by product of Chlorine which has been in the news recently. The Cassey Anthony trial and news circus referred to at length the use of Chloroform and how it pertained to unfortunate Caylee Anthony's death. How much did Casey Anthony or her relatives really have to do with the departure of little Caylee. Something we will never know the truth of even after Casey Anthony is liberated today. When chlorine is supplementary to the water supply to kill bacteria the by-products left in the background are in the form of chloroform and other carcinogenic gasses. Chlorine in the h2o supply that is not metamorphosed, when it reacts with bacteria it is left to evaporate from the h2o supply and that is how you smell the chlorine smell when you take a shower.

Back on topic. How much do you think this deadly chemical can be used before it has an adverse effect on the human body? It is widely known that the h2o supply in the United States is treated with a mass of chemical.( I wrote about hexavelant chrominate a few months ago check out our blog Mikes Health and Wealth). And by Law the water companies are permitted to pollute the water we use by adding the chemicals. Of course they are tested and permissible levels of toxins such as cyanide are acceptable. Makes adjoining chlorine sound positively beneficial when you know all of that.

It is not just about the Chlorine the water companies add to our h2o supply. There are many locations in the US where toxic waste leaches into the ground water and is added into the h2o supply chain. This could mean your body is being force fed more chemicals than the law mandates the water companies add to our drinking water.

THE EPA and government agencies are obligated for monitoring water pollution levels and they have reported the average US home has between 2 and 44 parts per billion (ppb) of chloroform gas in their drinking water. The reports go on the say that all the drinking h2o in the United States is contaminated in one form or another. IF you live near to a toxic waste dump you are likely to have nearer 1900 ppb chloroform gas in your drinking h2o. Perhaps this is why the Casey Anthony family were researching Chloroform on the internet.
Short Term Effects of chlorine exposure - Short term from bathing, swimming and washing can irritate the eyes (think swimming pool redness). And can effect your ability to breath, you experience coughing, shortness of breath and headaches.

Long Term effects of chlorine exposure - This is much more serious. Repeated regular exposure to chlorine has been associated with asthma and other respiratory diseases. The EPA released a study of chlorine in drinking water showing - even in small amounts -that chlorine causes higher blood cholesterol levels, higher blood pressure, heart diseases, and significantly increases your chances of dying from a heart attack.

The by products of Chlorine are classed as potent carcinogens - That is chloroform and trihalomethanes. The news has reported a link between chlorine and bowel cancer as well as the many different cancers caused by chlorines' byproducts such as lung, bladder, and rectal cancers, as well as some forms of leukemia.

Can you protect yourself from Chlorine in the h2o supply?

When you place a chlorine filter in-between your water supply and the water that comes out of the tap you are drastically improving the quality of the h2o you are drinking. Make sure your filter has been tested to ensure that it is working the way it should be. The h2o system I use at home is called living water. The two carbon filters eliminates the chlorine. The part I like is using the "chlorine" tester to see just how much chlorine is eliminated.

Find out more about removing chlorine from drinking h2o. Visit our blog at Mikes Health and Wealth