Dr. K.R.Kohli Famous Ayurvedic Physician and the Director of Ayurved for Maharashtra State has recently been honored with Maharishi Annasaheb Patwardhan Award for Best Ayurvedic Physician in the state on Dec 25th, 2009 in a very simple function in Pune. Organised By Vaidya Khadiwale Vaidyak Sanshodhan Sanstha & Maharshi Annasaheb Patvardhan Vaidyakiya Puraskar Samiti headed by Vaidya Khadiwale. On this occasion he has been awarded with a Sanmaan Patra, a Memento and a cash prize of Rs.25,001. The function was well attended by Ayurvedic doctors and Senior most Ayurvedic physicians from almost all parts of Maharashtra. The Venue of this award was Dhanvantari Sabhagriha, Erandwana, Pune. Dr. Kohli has the very rare distinction of having Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Experience as Head of Research for Dabur India Ltd. Besides being a successful teacher and a very successful Ayurvedic Physician. While his tenure in Delhi with Dabur, Indraprashta Vaidya Sabha awarded him with the title of Pranacharya. Besides many other awards, Dr. Kohli is also the recipient of Best Ayurvedic Researcher Award from Dr. Abdul Kalam and Two Gold medals for his academic achievement. It is primarily for his love for patients that he offers Consultation in Podar Hospital, Worli on every Saturday morning in spite of being on the post of Director which is the administrative head for Ayurved with Govt. of Maharashtra.
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