Beverly Hills, CA - Dr. Marc Gafni, a renowned wisdom teacher and the director of the Center for Integral Wisdom, recently addressed attendees on a variety of topics at the annual Summer Festival of Love, held on the expansive estate of Venwoude International in Holland.

The festival is also known as the 2nd European Integral Wisdom Conference on Love, Eros and Enlightenment, and featured Dr. Gafni as the keynote teacher. The theme this year was "Lines & Circles: The Inner Marriage & the Power in Your Unique Combination of Masculine and Feminine".

There were a host of speakers and contributors that included Chahat Cohen, Mauk Pieper and Pauline Botden. The festival enabled attendees to choose from a variety of programs, lectures and activities, all while practicing and studying each morning.

The format of the annual festival is designed in such a way that it combines all of the best aspects of a festival with those of a retreat as well. Attendees experienced an intimate and open environment in which a wide selection of workshops was made available, alongside many exciting options for other activities which participants could choose from.

While there was always a great deal to explore and learn through the many workshops and gatherings held throughout the festival, each activity was designed around, and informed by, the keynote teaching of the day, as elucidated by Dr. Gafni during the morning session.

As the festival’s central teacher, Dr. Marc Gafni brought a great deal of knowledge, wisdom, and expertise on a variety of subjects. His book, Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment, often serves as a reference point for his teachings, and he has created a 10-week online program devoted to this work called "Awakening Your Unique Self." More information on the program can be found at , and quotes that further expand upon the philosopher’s teachings and beliefs can be accessed at

The property on which the festival was held is an idyllic setting that seemed to reflect the overarching theme of the available programs and workshops, and there was a great deal of discussion on a number of principles and how they could be applied to varied fields, as exemplified by the concept of “The Unique Self of Business.” A related article about this concept, and its origin in the principles of Your Unique Self, can be found at

About Dr. Marc Gafni

Dr. Marc Gafni is the co-founder of the Center for Integral Wisdom, an activist think tank and non-profit organization committed to the vision that "Evolving the source code of human existence is the urgent need and great planetary adventure of our time." An author, philosopher and social activist who holds a doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, Dr. Gafni is known for his visionary work on evolving a post-dogmatic shared language of meaning and success, rooted in the entrepreneurial values of Wake Up, Grow Up, Show Up and Outrageous Love. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Gafni has developed educational programs and communities rooted in traditional wisdom and yet fully adapted to the needs of the contemporary world.

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