Drug addiction recovery is not the sort of thing where there is one approach that works well for everyone. The staff at A Forever Recovery, recognize the fact that not everyone who seeks help from an addiction treatment center will respond to a cookie-cutter approach to getting clean and sober. To give their clients a better chance of succeeding in their recovery goals, this drug rehab center has recruited staff members with a variety of backgrounds, including those who are on their own recovery journey.

The transformation from drug user to sober living for A Forever Recovery's clients takes place at the organization's 60,000 square foot building. Located on 14 acres near a private lake, clients can start their Drug Addiction Recovery in comfortable surroundings. The road to good health includes eating well and regular physical activity, and the center offers nutritious meals and a gym for clients to use.

The atmosphere is more of a home-like setting than a clinical one. The lounges, therapy rooms, and walkways in the center are decorated in soothing earth tones to help clients feel comfortable as they go through the process of regaining a sense of control over their lives. A Forever Recovery's approach to treatment includes treating the mind, body, and spirit to remove the barriers preventing the client from reaching their potential.

The core approach to drug addiction recovery at the center is through MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy). With this form of cognitive therapy, the client participates in drills and exercises that are carefully designed to change his or her thought patterns into more positive ones. A combination of individual and group therapy sessions mixed with homework allows the client to become an active participant in the process.

For clients who feel comfortable with a drug rehab plan that is faith-based, A Forever Recovery offers a plan based on Christian values. Clients use a combination of Bible study, lectures from ministers and pastors, and pastoral counseling to reach their recovery goals. A Christian-based 12-step program is part of this approach to treatment as well.

A 12-step program can be very effective in helping someone who wants to achieve drug addiction recovery. Through this approach, the client is not required to embrace a certain religious faith to deal with their addiction. The idea of a "Higher Power" is open to interpretation in a way that makes sense to the individual and that they feel comfortable with.

The center also offers a holistic treatment track for clients who are not comfortable with a faith-based or 12-step recovery program. This treatment option includes cognitive therapy, as well as Buddhist techniques, karate lessons, and meditation.

Clients who seek treatment at A Forever Recovery are encouraged to select the approach that they feel would work best for them. If the client feels comfortable with the process, they are more likely to stay sober, as opposed to having to follow the program that an addiction treatment center sets for them. At A Forever Recovery, the client is in control of their own recovery process.

About A Forever Recovery: A Forever Recovery offers services to clients who want to deal with their drug addiction issues and move forward with their lives. For people who need to break free from the physical effects of a drug, this addiction treatment center provides them with a safe place to go through the detoxification process. A Forever Recovery also works with people in drug addiction recovery to learn how to live sober lives. The center uses several approaches to drug rehab, including cognitive therapy, religious or spiritual based, 12-step, and holistic ones.

Pamela Anderson, MBA, Executive Director

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment