Just Announced!

DSStyles has announced its latest sales product, coming up in Christmas period.
Featuring TWO distinctive series of iPhone 3G/3GS cases packed together, a Christmas card, and a 4ml bottle of specially compounded fragrance are to be complemented along with the iPhone cases, which means a Premium Gift Set is made perfectly to be exquisite and trendy for self-use, or for your friends, relatives, or your beloved ones at any time.

"Delicious" Fragrance iPhone 3G Cases

To let you and your family deliciously enjoy the happiest days and having an unforgettable memory during Christmas time, we use a special secret method to add some natural scents onto the iPhone case during production. While keeping the scent of the iPhone case long lasting, it gives the one who use it a very unique, refreshing and relaxing mood, as well as letting your iPhone case becomes the REAL ONLY ONE found on Earth.

One Box with Two iPhone Cases

Looking forward to the Christmas Time, this whole brand new Premium Gift Set will be released to support the product lines of DSStyles. Additionally, Zirconia & Vitreo series - the TWO iPhone cases inside, for which their scents, colors smell & look alike, is to be served as a contrast for a fashionable personality in various occasions. For example, Zirconia series case is most suitable for Christmas Parties and Balls, while Vitreo series is suitable for your daily life, working, shopping, sports, etc.

DS. Fragrance

Time flies. Afraid of missing the happiest time in Christmas? Donˇt worry! Just use our embedded bottle of scent, the happiest memory recalls at anytime in any place! A special compounded fragrance, with 4 scents to choose from: Green Apple, Lavender, Jasmine, and Ocean, will also be packed in the specially designed gift set, letting you have a happier, natural & relaxing daily life with the specially treated iPhone 3G/3GS cases in Christmas time.

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