This site is friendly and business like, and they have put a twist on the usual work from home schemes. This week my earnings from this site overtook my ebay income.
When you take into account there is no need to spend money to earn money you are ahead right from the start.
Oz Online Market ( Resellers program sees you earn 10% commission on all items your referred customers buy Forever.
Membership is free, and there is absolutely no outlay.
And because your referred customers remain yours forever there is no need to continually spam your friends and family! Wow that's a big step up from the old style of door to door commission based selling!
No sweat, no worries....Oz Online Market have a great range of products to choose from, and provide a tracking number for all items posted, which is a great incentive for your customers to go back again and again and again.
It really is one of the best sites I have ever come across, and I hope they include a forum by next year as they have promised, as I am keen to meet more Oz Online Market enthusiasts....Things that make you go OOM! Mmmmm I agree 😀