Concord, Ontario. (October 14,2009)- The E-Hanger In-Home Media company is proud to announce their entry into the 2009 annual waste minization awards slated for Thursday, October 22, 2009 at Atlantis Pavilions - Ontario Place. The event is organized by the Recycling Council of Ontario.

The 25-year-old contest rewards achievements in environmental sustainability and waste reduction innovations — two areas that E-Hanger excels in. This year‘s event special guest speaker is the Hon. John Gerretsen, Minister of the Environment

First launched in Toronto, but now available all across Canada, the E-Hanger is manufactured from post consumer waste board and is printed with eco vegetable oil based inks. It‘s durability and eco-friendly properties have made the product an ideal replacement for the millions of non-recyclable wire clothes hangers that are dumped into Canadian landfills each year.

Through the replacement of wire and plastic hangers for eco-friendly clothing hangers, E-Hanger will substantially reduce the carbon footprint of dry cleaners by eliminating their large contribution of wire hangers to landfills. In turn, consumers who use dry cleaning services will also be reducing their carbon footprints, by bringing their clean clothes home on 100% recyclable hangers instead of wire or plastic ones.

The addition of green jobs is also a stimulus attribute to the local economy that E-Hanger provides. Green jobs are provided in the field for sales professionals, graphic designers, public relation officers and web designers.

With people increasingly turning to environmentally sustainable products, E-Hanger‘s product will find its way into thousands of homes, reducing landfill waste in the process.