Oct 25, 2009 Concord,Ontario- E-Hanger In-Home media is proud to announce that, on October 22, it won a silver award at the Recycling council of Ontario‘s Waste Management Awards for most sustainable product of 2009.

The company received the honour for its eco-friendly hangers, which are made from post-consumer waste board and printed with eco-vegetable soya-based inks. Thanks to its environmentally friendly properties, the E-Hanger is an ideal replacement for the millions of non-recyclable wire clothes hangers that are dumped into Canadian landfills each year.

“We are honored to receive this award,” says Andy Fannis, E-Hanger‘s managing director. “It gives us the courage to continue our efforts in minimizing the problems that wire hangers present to Canadian landfills.”

Besides its environmental benefits, we have created the biggest green direct marketing platform in Canada that offers marketers the opportunity to reach an affluent group of people at home with advertising programs such as coupons, product sampling, call to action messaging or branding advertising via our eco friendly clothing hangers for less than the cost of a stamp.

“Reaching an affluent group of consumers in their home is what every business wants,” says Fannis. “Doing it while helping the environment is even better.”

E-Hanger In-Home media delivers measurable marketing solutions such as direct response campaigns, coupons, product sampling or branded messaging throughout Canada, directly into consumers homes via its eco-friendly clothing hangers distributed by dry cleaners. We guarantee 100% view rate and in-home reach of your advertising message. Advertising programs are delivered to mature individuals who are career driven, command high disposable income, and are determined to know about the latest trends
and products