Eastern Pools Shares Cautionary Advice For Maintaining Pool Safety

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Eastern Pools, a pool and spa service based in northern Ohio, recently shared three pool services that often fly under the radar. Eastern Pools indicated that it has a team of pool and spa service experts who seek to help pool and spa owners better understand issues related to maintenance. The company stated that the reason for its announcement was to help ensure that pool owners perform all necessary maintenance on their pools in order to maintain safety.

Eastern Pools indicated that one pool service that pool owners often overlook is checking pumps and filters. The company stated that a pool cannot run properly if the pump is not in good shape and the filters are not changed regularly. According to Eastern Pools, when the filter is not changed, there is a risk that water in the pool will become contaminated and dirty. Eastern Pools also said that broken pumps do not perform their essential job of ensuring that water is continuously flowing into the pool, allowing for stagnation and unsanitary conditions.

Eastern Pools also shared that checking for cracks in the pool is another service that tends to fly under the radar. According to Eastern Pools, many pool owners do not notice cracks at first, and that cracks can even go unnoticed for an entire season. Eastern Pools stated that it is best to get cracks taken care of as early as possible to avoid more costly issues down the road. https://www.facebook.com/Eastern-Pools-Inc-403681286368045/

Eastern Pools went on to state that painting the pool is another service that often goes unnoticed. According to Eastern Pools, painting serves a double purpose that most pool owners do not realize. The company stated that, for one, paint acts as a necessary sealant. The company also indicated that paint helps swimmers with depth perception, which is especially important in the deep end of the pool. Further helpful information can be seen at https://goo.gl/zHTjPg

Eastern Pools concluded its announcement by providing some information about its founding, history, and services. The company indicated that it has been providing pool and spa cleaning and maintenance in Northern Ohio for over fifty years, having set up shop in 1963. The company family and staff have over 200 years of experience and knowledge available to their clients. Their reviews can be found at https://www.google.com/maps/place/Eastern+Pools+Inc/@41.000767,-81.6525287,17z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x49465886333b1d54!2sEastern+Pools+Inc!8m2!3d41.000767!4d-81.65034!3m4!1s0x0:0x49465886333b1d54!8m2!3d41.000767!4d-81.65034?hl=en

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