If you have wedding bells in your future, you are overwhelmed with a number of things that you have to do and buy before the big day. Among these is the wedding jewelry you are going to wear as you walk down the aisle.

For the most part, people think that real nice sets of wedding jewelry are going to have to cost a fortune, but if you know how to shop that does not have to be the case. For example, you can get a designer inspired pearl necklace for pennies on the dollar from what you are used to. While you may think a women pearl necklace should cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, if you are wise about where to get them, you may be surprised to find you can get them much more affordably. And the same is true when it comes to the women pearl earrings you are going to want to finish the set.

So, How do you get these great deals? Well instead of going into those high end jewelry stores when you want to purchase that designer inspired pearl necklace, you need to know where the real deals are. Online retailers like TrendToGo.com have created a line of wedding jewelry including women pearl necklace options and women pearl earring sets that look just like the pieces you would purchase in the high end stores, but at a very small fraction of that price.

The key is in understanding that it is the look that counts. When it comes to a designer inspired pearl necklace or a set of women pearl earrings, you may always think that everything attached to them has to be solid gold or that they need to be the most expensive pearls out there. The truth is that the only gold you are going to see is the stuff on the outside. So when you choose a women pearl necklace with gold accenting, why not look into plated gold pieces that have the look, without paying for all the gold you wouldn't see anyways?

Another thing to consider is the kind of pearls that are being used. There are a number of locations where pearls can be gathered to create jewelry. While most people think they are all found in the ocean the truth is there is a much more affordable market of cultured pearls or even synthetic pearls that are just as good as the real thing. In the case of cultured pearls, you will not be able to tell the difference between women pearl necklace sets with cultured pearls and those hand harvested from the ocean. They are made the same way, by a piece of sand put inside an oyster. When it comes to synthetic pearls, you may even appreciate them more in women pearl earrings, as they will be exactly the same size and uniform looking, unlike natural pearls that may have some irregularities.

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