Fritz‘s Frozen Custard in O‘Fallon Missouri recognizes one single act of kindness recently offered by a customer at the O‘Fallon store. That single act of kindness spread to the next 8 customers to help brighten there evening. is a good deed organization that has been launched to do good deeds Nationwide, and eventually worldwide. The non-profit organization is a web based program that helps people first recognize how easy it is to change a life by doing good things, and secondly helps users track the good deeds by supplying SeedaNeed Good Deed cards at no cost. The SeedaNeed Good Deed cards have an ID number on the card, the ID is entered to the site, and the user leaves a comment about the good deed, and then passes the card along. This allows an ongoing string of good deeds that can be watched and tracked for the life of the card.

Recently the SeedaNeed team found out about a good deed that happened at the O‘Fallon Missouri Fritz‘s Frozen Custard. After speaking with the owner of Fritz‘s Debbie Fritz this is how she described the good deed to the rest of her employee‘s:

“After pulling up to the drive thru window, a customer handed our register person, Stephanie, a card that read “” and said they would like to pay for the desserts ordered by the car behind them in addition to their own. Stephanie obliged and informed the next car what the customer in front of them had done. They were so surprised and taken back with the kind act; they said they would like to buy desserts for the people in the car following them.

This went on for eight cars! And of course, amounts paid varied, with one car paying $30 for the car they were treating. Just think how many people were positively affected by this one kind act. Everyone on the receiving end was amazed. Those deciding to “pay it forward” undoubtedly felt good about their decision and, most likely, shared their story with several others. And our entire crew that night was definitely uplifted by the good deeds they were witnessing. We always say we have the greatest customers, so kudos to these customers at O‘Fallon that sure proved the point!”

Customers of that Good Deed will forever be impacted by one person starting a good thing and it flowing on. This is the goal of SeedaNeed, and now the team at Fritz‘s Frozen Custard.

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