Pembrokeshire, Wales (October 7th 2009) - CCTV4U are industry leaders in providing CCTV security solutions across Europe and have over 30 years trade experience.

The average UK citizen is caught on CCTV cameras 300 times a day, so it‘s clear how many companies value it as a key resource in the fight against crime. The solutions available at CCTV4U feature the latest CCTV technology and are reliable, stable and versatile to meet all security needs.

At the forefront of CCTV technology are Linux digital recording systems which offer smooth and high-quality playback, multiple surveillance features and remote access via Internet Explorer.

To view the full range of recorders, cameras and accessories just visit CCTV4U online or visit them at their base in Pembrokeshire in Wales to see their CCTV systems and monitoring technology in action.

“CCTV security is an investment you can‘t afford to ignore,” says a spokesperson for CCTV4U. “We can help you scale your security requirements and provide you with smart solutions to crime proof your business.”

To find out more about CCTV4U please call 0845 226 3191 or visit: